Discover the latest furnishings and accessories of High Antiques from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century in Baroque, Directory, Empire, Napoleon III, Liberty, Neoclassical, Restoration, Louis XVI styles.

Furniture, seats and bookcases of Modern Antiques and 20th Century Design in the shapes sought after and signed by the most famous designers.

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Discover the latest works of art analyzed and published. Paintings from the 15th to the late 20th century, with particular attention to paintings on canvas, marble and stone sculptures, ancient bronzes and art ceramics.
All our works are accompanied by a “Certificate of authenticity and lawful origin” and accompanied by very detailed analysis sheets.

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In this section the latest ancient and modern objects selected by our experts. In this important and refined selection you can find: ancient bronzes, ancient ceramics, ancient watches, ancient jewels and much more.

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Selection of antique chandeliers, antique chandeliers, antique appliques, wall, ceiling and table lamps in various styles and materials, designer and signature lighting.