Pair of Dagoty ceramic vases, Paris, c. 1810

Dagoty Manufactory Paris, c. 1810
Formerly N. Ikodinovic & Co Antiquites collection – Brussels


Pair of ceramic vases resting on a black Belgian marble base; they have two handles with the characteristic shape of winged caryatids. The vases are partially gilded and glazed in green with Empire-style motifs, such as Greek leaf motifs and subsequent leaf motifs. On the front, a painted polychrome reserve, in which Cupid and Psyche, Flora and Zephyr are represented respectively; on the back, on a green background, there is a wreath with vine leaves and a mask with feminine features.

Dimensions: 27 x 13 x 10 cm ( 10,6 x 5,1 x 3,9 in )


Historical-critical analysis:

The pair of vases belongs to the production of the Parisian factory of Pierre Louis Dagoty (1771-1840), fully Empire period, a style that distinguishes the licensed works.

Dagoty was born into a family of artists and at the end of the 18th century he took over a small porcelain workshop, specializing in painting on this medium. From the beginning, its catalog was widely sought, especially starting from 1804, when the Empress Josephine, wife of Bonaparte, granted its production the title of “manufacture of His Majesty the Empress”. From 1810 to 1819 Dagoty entered into partnership with François Maurice Honoré, a porcelain manufacturer who had a factory and even after that he continued independently, until 1823, when he sold the factory.

Dagoty porcelains had the particularity difficult to replicate by other artisans in the sector: they were characterized by the so-called thick gold technique and the external part presented rich decorations alternating empire green with golden decorations (both glossy and opaque) and with painted scenes, making these objects are still immediately recognizable today.

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