Group of four Entre Fenêtre, Abusson, third quarter of the 19th century


Group of four Entre Fenêtre in which, on a light background, a pergola with floral borders and festoons is represented, characterized by a great variety of species always in light colors tending to pink and peach, held back by cerulean bows and ribbons. In particular, a large festoon of roses cuts the space diagonally, in a mirror image, to create two pairs of pendant within the group. In the lower part a luxuriant flowerbed, with branches full of the same floral species, bordered by a railing on the front.

Dimensions: 93×277 cm ( 36,6 x 109 in )


Historical-critical analysis:

This type of tapestry, called entre fenêtre, was originally placed in the space between one window and the other, in our case in particular they are two mirror-like pendants, recognizable in particular in the diagonal development of the central rose festoon.

Our group is close to the famous verdures, that is tapestries characterized by a great variety and richness of vegetation. These representations were characteristic of the well-known French manufacture of Abusson, a renowned production that had found a suitable place here both for the particular acidity of the waters of the Creuse river, ideal for degreasing the wool and fixing the dyes and for the high quality of the fleece. of the sheep raised here.

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