Two Putti, ca 1640-1650. Giovanni Pietro and Carlo Carrà (workshop of)


Pair of Putti in Carrara marble, depicted in a mirror image of each other: limply reclining, the bust advanced and with a slight lateral deviation, one arm is resting on the thigh, while the opposite one is raised, the hand closed to hold an element that has not survived . A thick chiseled hair frames the two faces with an inexpressive attitude.

Dimensions: 42 x 63 x 28cm


Historical-stylistic analysis:

As Giuseppe Sava points out in the report he wrote, the physiognomies, looks and hairstyles refer to the Carra workshop, in particular to Giovanni Pietro and Carlo, sons of the progenitor Giovanni Antonio, originally from Ticino but active in Lombardy. The two brothers inherited their father’s workshop and forged a fruitful collaboration, making it difficult to distinguish the activity between the two. One of the most fitting examples is made up of the marbles made for the altar of the relics in the cathedral of Montichiari (BS), where the robust and stocky figures, and with faces with vacant expressions, show affinity with our Putti.

The pair of sculptures in question must originally have belonged to a larger complex, probably a fountain, as their gestures would reveal, with their hands in the act of supporting the spouts from which the water must have gushed.

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