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fineart by di mano in mano

The strength of the group, with a headquarter in Milan and a logistical and operational branch of over 4000 square meters on the outskirts of Milan, lies in the choice of combining the passion and expertise in the evaluation of art, antiques and design of the 20th century. The use of modern and adequate instruments to maximize the possibility of placing them on the market; in particular, the great and intense action in the online market through its own sales sites has made it possible to contact and retain a very large national and international clientele for excellent articles and design.

Another strength of FineArt was the creation of a team made up of the most competent and recognized experts and scholars in the history of furniture and art, both internal and external to the company. The complexity of the current antiquarian studies makes this process necessary, for the enhancement of the proposed goods, accurate and relevant accompanying cards, able to meet the needs of cultivated and cultured customers, both Italians and foreigns.

Under the guidance and coordination of Enrico Sala, an expert in Italian and European antiques, Adriano Scaglia, specialized in ancient and modern art and a team focussed in Modernism and Design.
The assets will be analyzed and evaluated by the FineArt team, also with the help of our consultants active in the national and international field.

The evaluation and purchase service is completed by the possibility, where necessary, to restore the piece of furniture or the painting, to place it on the national and international market in the best conditions, also guaranteeing delivery.
The FineArt staff counts on an efficient customer service and on a logistics group that follows and completes all the documentation necessary for shipping and delivery, both nationally and abroad.