Holy Family with Saint John, Bartolomeo Ramenghi, domain of, first half of the 16th century

Bartolomeo Ramenghi known as Bagnacavallo, school of First half of the 16th century


Panel depicting the Holy Family with San Giovannino. At the center of the scene is the Virgin, with a red tunic and a blue cloak edged with gold embroidery, on her head a white cloth; he has a melancholy expression and an absorbed gaze turned upwards. In her arms she holds the blessing Child who turns to St. John, his hands joined in an attitude of devotion and the cross on his shoulder. On the right of the scene, slightly set back, is St. Joseph, with white hair and beard.
In the background a green cloth occupies the right half of the painting while in the opposite half there is a natural landscape with rocks and trees; in the distance you can see a village overlooking a lake or near the coast.


Dimensions:ย  73,5 x 52,5 cm ( 28,8 x 20,6 in )


Historical-critical analysis:

The painting in question bears, on a label applied to the lower part of the frame, the attribution to Bartolomeo Ramenghi known as Bagnacavallo (Bagnacavallo 1484 – Bologna 1542). If this indication cannot be fully accepted, it is correct to trace the work back to the school. Works with a similar approach are in fact ascribed to the artist’s corpus or in any case to the area close to him and very widespread at the time.

They are Sacred Families, accompanied by St. John or in some houses by St. Catherine, in the representation of the mystical wedding. The compositional scheme is quite similar in these occurrences: in the center the Madonna and Child, who addresses the saint in blessing; slightly away and set back is St. Joseph. A heavy drape acts as a scenographic backdrop, beyond which you can see a natural landscape, with small villages.

Our work presents this compositional modality and refers to Ramenghi’s work, although it does not achieve its pictorial quality.

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