Document box, Netherlands late 19th century


Document box made of ebony veneered wood, the top contains a malachite plate with brass border with central emblem, malachite veneered feet. The plaque in the center is in embossed and gilded sheet metal. Heraldry represents a curtain surmounted by a crown in which two rampant, bi-caudal and crowned lions, facing the viewer, hold the coat of arms in which such a lion holds a two-handed sword; below is a chain with honors such as the iron crown. This is the coat of arms of Prince Willem Frederik of the Netherlands and then used with small variations also for the sovereign state of the Netherlands, in force since 1815 and with this connotation until 1907. The only difference is the absence of the cartouche with the words โ€œJe maintendrai “.
The object, as can be seen from the construction of the case and the already galvanic gilding, was made in the late nineteenth century, even if the malachite plate of the top, glued on a 4 mm brass support, is recovered from a older object as evidenced by the signs of other holes hidden by the current coat of arms.

Dimensions: cm 9 x 46,5 x 34


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