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Our team offers a series of higly specialized services, all related to buying and selling of antique furnitures or items and both design and aesthetic goods.
A complete selection of services able to satisfy all the demands of the market focused on both the sale and purchase of art and design goods.

Economic valutations of home supplies

The first highly specialized service offered is aimed at the sale and incomes of the items of a property.
Our experts, with their different fields of expertise (paintings, furniture, sculptures, objects, books, etc.), are at your disposal to help you in the elaboration of a market suitable valutation, the first and necessary step in the decision to sell the assets of a property.

The estimate is made on the totality of the contents of the apartment and corresponds to the effective amount we would pay. Our company also guarantees, where required, the total emptying of the property.
The estimation operation is free and is performed starting from the analysis of the historical and artistic value of the objects, also taking into account variable factors, such as the state of conservation, rarity and market demand.

How to request a valuation estimate

It is possible to request an approximate estimate by sending photos which will necessarily be followed by an inspection to confirm and conclude the purchase.
Estimates can be made both on individual objects, such as paintings and furniture, and on lots and complete furnishings.
For every detail, you can contact us at 0295345282 or send us photos to fineart@dimanoinmano.it, specifying all the useful information on the assets in your possession (origin, presumed attributions, previous estimates, state of conservation, etc.).

When to request a valuation estimate

We propose the Estimate if the client has already decided to sell the property.

Contact us to request a valuation estimate



Antique expertise differ from appraisals because their main purpose is to provide a guarantee of authenticity.

The appraisals are based on a precise and detailed analysis of the work or object through which a document is drawn up, accompanied by photographic reproductions, which, starting from an accurate description of the material conditions of the asset under consideration, passes to a his historical-artistic analysis, with the aim, for the most important pieces, of an attribution of origin, period and author, based on the most recent studies of art history and antiquarian analysis.

For this purpose, our company can make use of the collaboration of some of the most accredited scholars and experts specialized in specific eras or authors. To this appraisal, on request, considerations of value can be added.

How to request an antiquarian expertise

You can request an expertise by appointment with our experts.
The expertise is a paid service and the amount of the expense is calculated based on the hourly cost of work, which includes the time of study and study; it is possible to draw up a cost estimate starting from the main information on the work to be carried out (number of objects, their location, presumed complexity, etc.).

When to request an antiquarian expertise

It is a service that we recommend in the case of a few important items when a decision on a possible sale has not yet been made.

Evaluation inventories

The inventory is an accurate but fast procedure, which involves an inspection with the compilation of a list accompanied by photos and a minimal description of the individual pieces, sufficient to define their historical-temporal location and value, but without an in-depth study of each piece. as an appraisal would require.

The inventory is an excellent tool in the case of inheritance assessments, to determine the extent of the values ​​and proceed with a fair inheritance division or to choose what to keep and what to sell.

Evaluations can be made with commercial criteria (for sales purposes) or with insurance criteria (in this case, to ensure the inventory material, the hypothetical current purchase value is used, with an evaluation that should be updated over time).

How to request an evaluation inventory

It is possible to request an evaluation inventory by e-mail addressed to our experts.

It is a paid service, calculated on an hourly cost basis; it is possible to provide a rough estimate. The inventory service may be free of charge in the event that the material or part of it is proposed for a purchase by us. It is possible to request an evaluation inventory by e-mail addressed to our experts.

When to request an evaluation inventory

It is a useful tool in the event of inheritance divisions or indecision about a possible sale.


Choose the service that best suits your needs

Our experts will be able to advise you on the best route according to your needs.


Send us photos of your furnishings

This way our experts can start an initial evaluation


Estimate receipt and / or evaluation of your furnishings

Our experts will provide you with the result of the requested evaluations as quickly as possible

If you are interested in one of our evaluation services on your furnishings



Our restoration is of a “conservative” type because we believe that the furniture, in addition to being functional and usable, must maintain consistency with the historical era to which it belongs, without fear of appearing “old”.

This criterion dictates our intervention techniques: we try to avoid, where possible, the use of aggressive materials such as paint stripper, preferring to preserve the patina; polishing, with wax or pad, hot glue gluing, refer to the most ancient methods, guaranteeing the quality of the restoration and allowing its reversibility.

How to request a restoration quote

It is possible to request a restoration quote by e-mail addressed to our laboratory.



We rent antiques and vintage furnishings, accessories and objects for film, television, advertising, theatrical sets, events and fashion.

In the Di Mano in Mano warehouses we have a huge availability of complete furnishings of all types and periods: vintage furniture of modern antiques and design, period furniture, antiques, vintage objects, complete bookcases, clothes, records and much more.

We are able to search for specific objects for shooting, interior designers and individuals.
Our customers have the opportunity to furnish an environment, of whatever nature it may be, without the burden of purchasing furniture, accessories or necessary equipment.
Film sets, theatricals, props, corporate events, fairs, weddings: all the products in our catalog can be rented, in addition to the hundreds of other objects, clothes, furniture, various furnishings that we have in stock.

We are among the few that offer original antiques and modern antiques, replicas have no place in our warehouses.
Plus, our rental website is updated daily with lots of new furnishings.
Wardrobes, armchairs, chairs, sofas, chandeliers, paintings, statues, furnishing accessories, carpets: browse our catalog and choose what you need for your rental.

Our rental service may include:

Rental for movie sets, theatrical works
Rental for props, corporate events, trade shows, weddings, and parties
Rental for architects and designers, fashion houses, shops and individuals
Rental for home staging and photo shoots



FineArt by Di Mano in Mano takes care of the shipments of objects and furnishings purchased online on our site, making use of the work, advice and expertise of the major leaders in the sector, but above all of the experience acquired thanks to the thousands of shipments annually by us. organized and implemented.

Particular attention is paid to packaging and transport, entrusted, through direct relationships, to trusted and specialized transporters, with shipments also throughout Europe and in the major countries of the world.
Speed ​​in deliveries is always associated and subordinated to the accuracy of preparation for transport: in the case of shipments of precious antiques, we aim first of all to safeguard the integrity of the piece, giving space to the necessary slow and delicate operations. ‘packaging, in some cases inevitably to the detriment of a more immediate, but risky, timeliness of delivery.

Container service

Those wishing to purchase considerable volumes of material of all kinds can take advantage of our container rental service: we have the possibility and the spaces necessary to keep the goods in storage until the volume of one or more containers is reached and we take care of customs procedures and assistance in transit of cargo.