Louis Vuitton Malle Cabine. Paris, 1899-1904


Louis Vuitton trunk dated between 1899 and 1904, upholstered in monogrammed Jacquard canvas. This type of fabric, used between 1896 and 1904, is one of the rarest covers to find in good condition, precisely because of the short period of production. The dating is also made possible by the original label and the unique product number (145078). Painted metal finishes, central lock and brass studs.
This is a malle cabine, i.e. a small and compact trunk used to store clothes and everyday items inside, created to be stowed under the bed in the cabins of ocean liners. Printed paper-lined interior, with cotton ribbon attached under the lid. The initials ‘V. P’, placed externally on both short sides, provide indications of the first owner; the personalisation is completed by the presence of labels, evidence of the journeys made by the trunk and its owners. It has been restored to its original condition.
Louis Vuitton trunks, iconic furnishing and collector’s items, are still durable and waterproof, examples of great craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 30 x 90 x 54cm

CODE: ABVI1A0226129


– Pierre Lèonforte, Éric Pujalet Plaà, 100 legendary trunks – Louis Vuitton, Abrams, New York, 2010.

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Antiques, Art and Design

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