Trumeau Queen Anne, England, 1705 ca

Trumeau Queen Anne
England, 1705 ca


Large trumeau supported by carved cantilever feet, in the lower body it has three drawers plus one of reduced dimensions flanked by two drawers to support the upper opening flap door and concealing cabinet with drawers, document compartments and a central door. The upper body has two storage drawers surmounted by a pair of doors with mirrors, in which there is an architectural castle, with two tapered pilasters that frame two doors and two central drawers, on the sides two rows of drawers, while in the upper part various compartments for documents and a compartment in the upper part. There are also several secrets, such as the capitals of the pilasters, which can be pulled out in a drawer. Entirely veneered in briar walnut, while all the frames and carved columns of the interior are made of walnut worked “head”; it has characteristic nozzles and handles (these also on the sides) in gilded brass; oak interior. Present stamp “Fordham London”.


Dimensions: 216 x 106 x 57 cm (85 x 41,7 x 22,4 in)



Historical-critical analysis:

The library was built around 1705, finding full confirmation with the shapes that characterize the taste of this style.

It is a high quality piece of furniture, entirely veneered in walnut briar to create a refined pictorial effect. If the oak interiors are a feature that will also be found in subsequent eras, the use of walnut in English furniture is a peculiarity characteristic of the late seventeenth, first half of the eighteenth century, while from the second half of the century it will be increasingly replaced by mahogany, essence imported from the colonies, until its complete replacement in the nineteenth century.


โ€“ Herbert Cescinsky, English Furniture from Gothic to Sheraton, Dover Publication, Inc. New York, 1968.

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