Fulvio Bianconi glass figurine, Venini 1950 ca.


Polychrome glass figurine with sleeve. Made to a design by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini. Acid signature on the base “Venini Murano Italia”.

Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 9cm


Historical Stylistic Analysis:

The figurine portrays a female character in period dress, represented in an almost caricatured way, whose clothes are carefully designed and made with different textures. The production of this type of stickers can be traced back to around 1950, a few years after Fulvio Bianconi joined Venini, which took place in 1946. Graphic artist, illustrator, designer, curious author and attentive frequenter of circles linked to the artistic avant-garde, Fulvio Bianconi ( Padua, 1915 – Milan, 1996) follows an artistic study path from an early age, favoring the natural predisposition for drawing.

Distinguished as a caricaturist, in the mid-thirties he moved to Milan, the city where he entered the world of graphics and illustration, working for various publishing houses including Mondadori and Garzanti. It is thanks to a collaboration with the Gi.vi.emme perfume company that in 1946 Bianconi arrives in Murano at Venini, a historic company synonymous with artistic glass made in Italy, to deepen his knowledge of glass. It was precisely on this occasion that he met Paolo Venini: thus an extraordinary collaboration was born which would mark the production of the glassworks in the 1950s and occasionally in the following decades.

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