Mantelpiece. Turin, Early XVIII Century


Richly carved gilded mantelpiece, supporting frame and projecting side uprights with mirrors surmounted by carved architectural cymatiums. In the centre is an imposing pierced and carved cymatium in one piece with floral ramage. The entire surface is gilded with gouache. Original mercury mirrors.

Dimensions: 132 x 169 x 12 cm


Historical-stylistic analysis:

Our mantelpiece re-proposes a model widespread in Piedmont in the late 17th and early 18th century, found in several Piedmontese “Palazzi”, such as Palazzo Turinetti in Turin. In particular, the three-lobed central part and the lateral pilasters formed by mirror pilasters set at an angle to create projecting elements are characteristic features of this type. The richly carved cymatium is also present in these examples, in some cases supporting a frame that houses a painting, as in the case of a mirror in a private collection published by Roberto Antonetto, with the effigy of Duke Victor Amadeus II.
In this furniture, the cabinetmaker’s virtue emerges in the quality of execution, in the interlocking of the drawers and in the skilful use of mahogany feathers, but above all in the refinement of the carving, a distinctive feature of his production.


Roberto Antonetto, Il mobile piemontese nel Settecento, Volume Secondo, Opere Anonime, Umberto Allemandi & C., Torino, 2010.

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Antiques, Art and Design

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