English chandelier, first half of the 19th century

English chandelier
First half of the 19th century


English painted glass chandelier. The central body is turned in the upper part, taking the shape of a sphere in the lower one. The thick glass is back-painted in pink, while the outermost part is decorated with small stars, also painted in blue, and the surface is worked with gold cuts. From the spherical element, six arms in glass worked with scroll motifs branch off, which support glasses with goblets, into which the gilded bronze pot holders are inserted. The chandelier is adorned with spherical pendants in full glass: in the lower part, in the center and one hanging from each of the arms, held by golden metal chains; others are in the upper part, suspended from curled rings that branch off from a ring, also in gilded bronze.

The metal tumblers are numbered; on the inside of the chandelier there are handwritten writings in pencil, in English.



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