Group of Four Neoclassical Vase Holder Columns. Italy, Last Quarter of the XVIII Century


Group of four columns with a square base, made of lacquered poplar wood with a marbled effect to imitate porphyry; decorated with pastille carvings, lacquered and highlighted in gold. On the four top corners of each column, carved rosettes hold fluttering ribbons and festoons of leaves, flowers and fruit. On the three visible sides of each column, just below the garlands, there are some medallions depicting putti riding dolphins. The latter are presented in two different versions that are very similar to each other: in the first, the putto rests his right hand on the animal’s head, while with his left hand he holds a drapery inflated by the wind. In the second, the left hand is intent on steering the dolphin by means of reins, while with his right hand he holds an arrow, a typical attribute of the mythological personification of the god Love. Lacquered and gilded of carvings have been subsequently restored.

Dimensions: 126x39x36 cm


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