Nativity scene, Naples mid-nineteenth century.

Naples mid-nineteenth century.


On a round base there is the nativity composed of the Holy Family with the ox and the donkey, three cherubs flying in the sky. The seated Madonna and standing St. Joseph turn an adoring gaze to the baby Jesus placed in a sheet on the manger, the snouts of the two animals appear between them, while three cherubs are suspended in flight on a sort of architectural “capriccio” with a column. The original glas-case is missing.

Thesmall figures are typically made with terracotta torso and limbs with glassy eyes joined together in a solid way with an iron and rag mannequin, dressed in silk clothes. The structure is made of wood, cork and various materials.

Dimensions: cm. 64 diam. 40


Antiques, Art and Design

Antiques, Art and Design

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