Vase with allegory of water, prototype Lodovico Pogliaghi, c. 1948.


Vase with plaster lid decorated in relief with allegories of water, with the main subject depicting the Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite; on one side Neptune captures the Nereid, amid sirens tritons and cherubs, on the other Amphitrite sits as queen of the seas on Neptune’s chariot drawn by sea horses. The lid ends with a triton as a catch. Missing.

Dimensions: cm 83 height x 41 diameter.

Code: OGANOG0154639

Historical Stylistic Analysis:

The vase can be attributed to the late production of Lodovico Pogliaghi (Milan 1857 – Varese 1950), an Italian sculptor, painter and stage designer. It is a prototype, part of the study for a series of four large plaster vases dedicated to the allegorical representation of the four natural elements (air, water, earth and fire) and is one of the last works made by the artist before his death.

While he was working on the doors of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome (c. 1948), the Richard Ginori ceramic industry commissioned him to make a series of vases for the Doccia Museum in Sesto Fiorentino. The ceramic vases, however, were never made: only preparatory plaster casts exist. The themes related to classical mythology are developed on a form reminiscent of large Chinese vases, summarising well the eclectic personality of this artist-collector.

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