Terrestrial Globe England 1920 ca.


Earth globe made up of two series of 18 lithographed panels applied to a papier-mâché sphere. The map of the oceans is well detailed with the main routes of the steamers with the distance in nautical miles, the largest ports are also indicated; there is a damaged area. Brass graduated meridian ring.

Present title block “TRADERS & TRAVELERS ‘NEW TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Showing the MARCONI HIGH POWER WIRELESS STATIONS from details supplied exclusively to the producers by THE WIRELESS PRESS LTD, NEW POLITICAL DIVISIONS, OCAN ROUTES, & c Produced by Blades East & Blades”.
The globe is supported by a mahogany structure, made up of three uprights that are inserted into the dial and that flow into a turned element, resting on three moving feet equipped with wheels.

Dimensions: height 107 cm, diameter 70 cm


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