Tablet console

Neoclassical Turin


Parietal table, supported by four truncated pyramidal legs, front band with central rose window, peach flower marble top. The entire surface of the console is embellished with tablet decorations. In an ivory background there are vast reserves in green tempera on which the decorations are applied, with the exception of the shells in shades of pink. On the legs floral carvings with cascades of leaves, the same motif in the bands with central flower and leaf sprigs and flower buds, the central rose window contains a Medusa head, while on the uprights there are lion protomes with a ring in the mouth.

The Turin piece of furniture ends under the top with a complex frame of wrapped wreath, successive leaves and beads. All the applied decoration is painted in shades of pink, green, blue and purple, the heads are painted with vivid realism with painted eyes.

Dimensions: 87 x 124 x 62 cm

Historical-stylistic analysis:

This type of decoration typical of neoclassicism has a character that looks a lot to the decorations of the finds of the Pompeian rooms, both as a subject and as a chromatism; a taste that found widespread success in Europe, especially in England, and also in some areas of Italy. Piedmont, with the most famous examples still present at the castle of Masino, is one of the liveliest and most exemplary areas with respect to this taste. The works were made with repeated motifs and created with the stamp technique. The molds in which the tablet was inserted, made up of plaster and marble powders of ancient recipes, made it possible to create a large number of repeated models and to achieve an excellent level of quality and refinement of the carving.


– Roberto Antonetto, Il mobile piemontese nel settecento, ed. Allemandi 2010

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