Restoration Gueridon

Naples, first quarter of the 19th century


Gueridon resting on a troubled shelf, in the center of which there is a central turned baluster, enriched with three carved and gilded caryatids, with the features of mermaids that support a frame carved with shells, also gilded. Veneered in mahogany and mahogany feather, the structure is in pine.

Dimensions: h 80 cm; diameter 91,5 cm ( 31,5 x 36 in )

Historical-stylistic analysis:

The gueridon belongs to the Neapolitan production and can be dated to the first quarter of the 19th century. In addition to the materials used, the geographical area of origin is also identifiable thanks to the proposed iconography. The Neapolitan sirens are in fact representative of the city of Naples, in memory of the myth of its foundation. According to the legend, in fact, the mermaid Partenope was defeated in song by Orpheus and Ulysses and her body floated in the waters to the site where Neapolis would have risen. Precisely for this reason these figures are often used in celebratory monuments of the Bourbon monarchy, including the throne of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Another well-known example is a pair of boat thrones presented by Enrico Colle, where the uprights of the armrests are replaced by a pair of plastic-shaped sirens.


โ€“ Nineteenth century civilization. The figurative arts, Electa Napoli, 1997.

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