Pair of torch holders, Milan, around 1750.


Pair of lamp-holders in carved pine wood, lacquered white and partially gilded, supported by a cylindrical shaft. Composed of large opposing “C” volutes, they are carved with curls and leaf motifs, embellished by a flowering branch that descends from the upper corolla, support for the candle. Above the two lamps is the plate in perforated and gilded iron sheet.

Dimensions: cm. 123 diameter 15, h. with base and rod 240

Code: ANILLA0152931

Historical-critical analysis:

The carving with large volutes and the fleshy leaves are evidently Baroque motifs typical of the Lombard area; however the lightness of movement, the almost rocaille corolla like the chromatic taste that alternates gold and ivory, are typical of the fashion that overlooked Milan in the mid-eighteenth century. On the other hand, in those years, the most fashionable environment in the whole city, the Salon of Palazzo Clerici, really represents a balance between Baroque language and the new Rococo proposals coming from Paris. The production of these two objects should therefore be placed in those years.


  • Giuseppe Beretti, Il mobile dei lumi, ed. In limine 2010

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