Master of the Metropolitan Museum

Outdoor still life with pumpkins, figs, plums, grapes and peaches

Rome, second half of the 17th century


The oil on canvas depicts a still life with different species of fruit. Pumpkins, figs, plums, grapes and peaches are represented, resting on a stone base. In the background a mountainous landscape with the cloudy sky.

Interesting is the chromatic contrast played on the contrast between the leaden background and the brighter and brighter palette used to describe the colorful fruit in the foreground.
Attention also to the strong chiaroscuro that detaches light areas from heavily shaded areas.
The work has been restored and relined; presented in a stylish frame.

Dimensions: 65.5 x 85 cm
with frame: 98 x 117 cm

Dimensions: 65.5 x 85 cm
with frame: 98 x 117 cm

Historical-stylistic analysis:

As Gianluca Bocchi indicates in the report he prepared, in accordance with the studies of Lanfranco Ravelli, the work is attributable to the Master of the Metropolitan Museum. Artist still little studied, but active in Rome in the mid-seventeenth century, showing comparisons with the pictorial corpus of Michele Pace known as Michelangelo del Campidoglio, but who in other works, such as the one in question, instead reveals the influence of other artists baroque, such as the German Franz Werner von Tamm. Certainly a valid painter, his works are exhibited in some of the main museums in the world, including, in addition to the Metropolitan Museum in New York which gives his name to the artist, the Kunsthalle in Hamburg and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Other few known examples attributable to him have passed, in past years, on the antiques market, attending some of the most prestigious international auctions.


– Lanfranco Ravelli, La rappresentazione della zucca nella natura italiana, in “Paragone”, 65-66, gennaio-marzo 2006, pp. 128-136, fig. 142.

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