Louis Vuitton Lady’s Low Trunk. Paris, 1890 ca.


Louis Vuitton trunk dated c. 1890. Upholstered in the historic striped waxed canvas, first introduced in shades of brown and beige from 1876. Finished in leather and brass; bottom with beech wood frame, metal wheels and zinc foil, the latter used to ensure perfect insulation in the best quality trunks. It is a lady’s low trunk, i.e. a trunk available in four sizes with well-defined volumes, designed to respond to the problem of long dresses with crinoline, a women’s underwear accessory used during the 19th century. Each size was designed for different items, from underwear requiring less width to long court dresses. Canvas-lined interior with original applied label (the item number cannot be read), padded satin quilted lid secured with ecru ribbons, interior fittings missing. The letters ‘L.C.R’, placed on both short sides, provide indications of the first owner; labels, evidence of travel, complete the customization. Fully restored to its original condition.
Louis Vuitton trunks, iconic furnishing and collector’s items, are still durable and waterproof, examples of great craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 57 x 90 x 54 cm

CODE: ABVI1A0225820


– Pierre Lèonforte, Éric Pujalet Plaà, 100 legendary trunks – Louis Vuitton, Abrams, New York, 2010.

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