Group of four mirrors. Tuscany, first quarter of the 18th century


Group of four carved and gilded wooden “fans”. The shaped frame that encloses the mercury mirror has a carved cymatium with two opposing architectural brackets with a female face crowned by a fan in the centre; from this, plays of flowering branches alternating with curls and spirals descend down the sides; at the base there is a screaming mask into which the candle-holding arm in wrought iron and golden sheet metal is inserted. In addition to the main “lights”, small mirrors are present in the reserves of the coping and base.

Dimensions: cm. 90 x 48 x 9 (25 with candle holder)


Historical-stylistic analysis:

This group of small fans was most likely made at the beginning of the eighteenth century, expressing all the character of the baroque of the beginning of the century. In fact, the carving still shows that symmetrical rigidity clearly visible in the volutes and flowers that make up the sides, the profiles are curved and broken, taking on clear architectural connotations in the cymatium and in the lower section. Even the iconographic repertoire is purely in line with the baroque taste, starting from the broken eardrums up to the screaming mask, used as a place for the candle-holding arm.

The design of the windmills, which have points of analogy with the Roman Baroque, allows us to indicate Tuscany as the place of creation

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