Delfino armchairs, Erberto Carboni for Arflex


Pair of Delfino armchairs, designed by Erberto Carboni for Arflex and produced starting from 1954.
They have a structure of two tubular elements, seat and back connected by two armrests in light alloy casting, foam padding, new fabric upholstery and enameled metal legs.
La Delfino by Erberto Carboni is a relevant production of ‘organic’ furniture, a production line that since the 1950s has been inspired by the forms of nature.
Specifically, the name is borrowed from the most famous marine mammal: the armchair has armrests like fins and a sinuous body like that of a dolphin.

Dimensions: height: 85 cm, width: 71 cm, depth: 83 cm, seat height: 40 cm

Copertina Domus numero 310, Settembre 1955.

– G. Gramigna, Repertorio del design italiano 1950-2000 per l’arredamento domestico, Allemandi, Torino 2003, vol. 1, p. 35;

– Domus numero 310, Settembre 1955.

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