Daum Vase with scarab. Nancy, 1918-1930.


Orange vase in multilayer blown glass with marbled effect, decorated with an applied glass scarab. The insect is made by engraving both the glass application and the body of the vase to create legs and antennae. Signature “Daum Nancy” with a cross of Lorraine engraved near the base.

Dimensions: 15 x 9 cm.



Historical Stylistic Analysis:

Jean Daum (1825-1885), an Alsatian notary, started the company in 1878, after taking over a glassworks in Nancy that was in poor financial condition. It was only after his death that his two sons, Auguste (1853-1909) and Antonin Daum (1864-1931), gave the company an artistic makeover and led it to success by overseeing its growth during the Art Nouveau period. Daum became a leader in the decorated glass sector at the beginning of the 20th century: Antonin was the main architect, both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of experimentation and technical innovation. In the 1920s, Daum production abandoned the soft shapes of Art Nouveau for a Cubist-inspired geometry typical of Déco.
The most elaborate of Daum’s creations feature glass applications such as handles and ornamental motifs in naturalistic shapes, including various kinds of insects. This particular vase belongs to the latter category, having a glass insect applied on the body. The engraved legs and antennae complete the figure of the insect.

Antiques, Art and Design

Antiques, Art and Design

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