Couple of candelabra, Paris second quarter of the 19th century


Pair of partially golden and burnished bronze candelabra. Base of steps from which the turned and chiseled body starts with foliage and ante motifs, at whose top there is a golden golden ball, the support point for the two burnished bronze sculptures, depicting in the first one winged nymph with hair and dress Old and scepter in the left hand, in the second Hermes, characterized by the cloak, by the winged pets and the caduceus, also retained by the left hand.

Both mythological figures hold a central strain full of flowers and fruits, similar to a cornucopia, from which five arms of chiseled and golden bronze adaps with elements of the plant world that recall the decorations of the base. Restoration on a Bobeche and replacement of some screws.

Dimensions: 67 x 24 x 25 cm. base 13.5 x 13.5


Historical-stilistic analysis:

The restoration period (1815-1830), in the wake of neoclassicism and the subsequent empire period, continues with the recovery of classic ideas and influences mainly in the decorative arts.

In the case of our couple of candelabra, the classic iconographic apparatus re -emerges both in the scrupulous chisel decoration and in the theme proposed by the mythological figures of Hermes and the nymph. The taste of the realization and coloring that alternates brownish with golden browning fully falls within the period of the restoration and its late neoclassical taste.

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