Between the scenes of the Baroque

Art and entertainment: baroque is much more than a style! We will explore it on a journey through the multiple territorial expressions of forms, methods and materials.

The event dedicated to Baroque

Theatricality and amazement, strength and magnificence. With these characteristics, also useful for expressing the greatness of the Church of Rome, Baroque established itself at the beginning of the 1600s as a new European style. Rome thus becomes the epicenter of the travels of Italian and foreign artists who here begin a production of such strength capable of countering the grandeur of the contemporary Louis XIV from beyond the Alps.
Precisely between the second half of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the following one, the furnishings of the large noble palaces also proposed this new research and the furniture increasingly became decorative elements, rather than functional.
On 7 and 8 May in Cambiago – in an exhibition room reserved for guided tours – FineArt by Di Mano in Mano accompanied visitors behind the scenes of the Baroque, through a journey that will explore its forms, materials and different processing methods .

On stage is a very careful and valuable selection of pieces which will give the opportunity to make an excursus on the varied and spectacular things the baroque taste has produced in the Italian peninsula.
Venetian and Lombard sculptures will help us analyze the boundary between decorative arts and sculpture. And we will compare the monumentality of a pair of consoles designed by Foggini with the elegance of a group of Venetian torch holders.

There were also two scheduled events:
– a meeting with the art historian Professor Giuseppe Sava, specialist in medieval and modern art history.
– appointment with the KEEP ARTE FORƎ!VER team with Eda Murtić and Sonia Spiniello to delve deeper into the topic of 360-degree care of works of art.

Discover the exhibition

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Event presentation 🇮🇹

Enrico and Valentina present the event “Between the scenes of the Baroque”

7 and 8 May, Via Castellazzo 8, Cambiago (MI)

Pair of consoles and chest of drawers 🇮🇹

Enrico presents the first two furnishings present in the exhibition “Between the scenes of Baroque”. A pair of Tuscan consoles made between the 17th and 18th centuries by Giovan Battista Foggini and a chest of drawers completely covered in marble.

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Bolognese mirror 🇮🇹

Valentina presents a Bolognese mirror which has as its reference the drawings of Passarini, one of the protagonists of the Roman Baroque.

group of sculptures 🇮🇹

Enrico presents two groups of baroque sculptures that are the protagonists of the exhibition. A pair of Satyrs that fall within the trend of the more mature Baroque taste and a pair of sculptures depicting two figures holding vases that can be traced back to the Groppelli brothers.

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Terracotta sculptures 🇮🇹

Valentina presents preparatory terracotta sculptures: a pair of angels attributable to the activity of the sculptors active in the Cathedral Fabbrica and in particular to that of Carlo Francesco Mellone and a terracotta depicting Bacchus and Ariadne attributed to Giuseppe Piamontini.

four Venetian torch holders 🇮🇹

Valentina presents a group of four Venetian carved wooden torch holders dating back to the mid-18th century.

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Appointment with the KEEP ARTE FORƎ!VER team with Eda Murtić and Sonia Spiniello to delve deeper into the topic of 360-degree care of works of art.