Anatomical Model of the Chewing Mouth Apparatus of an Insect. France, late 19th early 20th century


Anatomical model of the chewing mouthparts of an insect made of wood and metal papier-mâché. The head, made with partially removable parts, includes compound eyes, two filiform antennae, clypeus and the masticatory mouthparts, in turn made up of upper and lower lips, a pair of mandibles and maxillae. It rests on a turned ebonized wooden base. Original lacquer preserved. Slight conservative restoration interventions.

Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 38cm.
Maximum dimensions: 88 x 76 cm.


Historical stylistic analysis:

The anatomical model analyzed here falls into the category of didactic models, articles addressed to educational, scientific, technical and museum centres. In fact, from the second half of the 19th century, a period of true mania for entomological observation and collecting developed, in the wake of the first large quantities of specimens collected around the globe by scientists and passionate travellers. Thanks to the favorable period, various commercial activities were born all over the world linked to the sale of specialized works on fauna and flora, with a strong pedagogical imprint. Our model, depicting the chewing mouthparts of one of the main orders of insects, is characterized by great precision and detail.

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