AMART 2023

FineArt by Di Mano in Mano participates in the fourth edition of AMART. AMART is the antiques exhibition promoted by the Milanese Antique Dealers Association. An important event and point of reference for the Italian and international market since 2018, AMART represents a prestigious meeting opportunity to rediscover the timeless value and charm of art in all its expressions.

ANTIQUARIAN RIDDLES From 7 to 12 November - Milan, Palazzo della Permanente Stand 7, first floor

FineArt by Di Mano in Mano participates in Amart 2023 with a site-specific installation signed by designer Pietro Russo

From 7 to 12 November FineArt by Di Mano in Mano confirms its presence at AMART, a renowned exhibition dedicated to the world of antiques. And after the success achieved in 2022, he returns to collaborate with the designer Pietro Russo, who interprets the selection with an installation conceived and built as a dialogue between the works and the exhibition space of the historic Permanente building in Milan.

The place of honor in the installation is dedicated to a piece of furniture by Francesco Abbiati, a well-known Lombard cabinetmaker originally from Mandello del Lario. It is a new piece of furniture, richly inlaid with precious woods, whose iconographic apparatus hides an interesting historical narrative that will be revealed to visitors on site.

The itinerary proceeds through groups of works including painting, sculpture, lighting and furnishings.

Among the works on display, a scenographic painting signed and dated by Augusto Colombo stands out: “The Expulsion of Adam and Eve” (1936), a twentieth-century reproduction of the famous fresco by Masaccio in the Brancacci chapel.

The late 15th century sculptural representation of San Gerardo dei Tintori is noteworthy, the oldest of the saint and therefore of extreme historical relevance and representative of the culture of the Monza area.

And then an unexpected musician’s stand dating back to the 18th century.

These and other works follow one another along a walkway designed by designer Pietro Russo. He created spaces where nothing is hidden but everything is filtered through colored and translucent surfaces. The route moves with the visitor in a game of see-and-see, during which each step reveals the reality of what has been imagined, all under a mysterious and solemn light.

The space is intimate but capable of arousing curiosity, poised between something glimpsed and something imagined and any desire for secrecy and concealment, it is only a fleeting illusion.