AMART 2022

FineArt by Di Mano in Mano participated in the fourth edition of AMART, the only exhibition dedicated to Antiques in Milan, the capital of design, organized by the Milanese Antique Dealers Association in collaboration with Promo.Ter Unione.

From 19 to 23 October 2022 FineArt by Di Mano in Mano participated in AMART Stand 7 – first floor CHANGING ANTIQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES

A changing path, linear and at the same time non-linear, in a space set up under the care of designer Pietro Russo, with focus on the unpublished and highly valuable portrait of a young Donizetti.

FineArt by Di Mano in Mano, the division of Di Mano in Mano dedicated to the excellence of antiques, design and art, participates in Amart 2022 with a selection of great value in a space that combines ancient and contemporary.
With CHANGING ANTIQUE PROSPECTS FineArt by Di Mano Mano confirms, also for this participation in the prestigious Milanese exhibition, its innovative approach to the antiques sector, choosing to avail itself of the collaboration of Pietro Russo, interior and product designer, who through his concept prospective respects and enhances this vision.

In fact, more than a classic exhibition, the one created by Pietro Russo is a real site-specific installation: there is a continuous exchange between the works themselves, their arrangement, the design of the route and the space that hosts them. With each step taken, what has just been seen disappears from view, but influences the subsequent stages, like a story through slides that follow one after the other and which lead to the final stage, behind which a further surprise will be revealed.

Central to the space is the unpublished portrait of Gaetano Domenico Maria Donizetti, one of the most famous Italian composers of the 19th century, which dominates the background, magnetically attracting the visitor. The work, attributed to his friend Francesco Coghetti, is of considerable interest, as it documents the first image of the adult musician, previously unpublished and unknown. (read the detailed information sheet at the bottom of the press release)

As the visitor proceeds through a corridor created by side wings of panels and light, which converge towards Donizetti’s main work, the other works selected by Enrico Sala – partner of Di Mano in Mano, antiques expert and expert in antique Italian and European furniture – for Amart, among which we find a very rare “bestiary” consisting of nine carved wooden sculptures of miniature animals covered in fur by Henry Fratin (Paris, first quarter of the 19th century). And a cabinet with a folding door in veneered fir wood and inlaid with ebony and ivory dated around 1615.

And at the end of the tour, the portrait of Donizetti, the only visual constant of this journey, appears enriched by all the suggestions that the visitor has collected during the journey through the works.