FineArt by Di Mano in Mano was born in 2021 as a division of Di Mano in Mano, particularly aimed at the selection and sale of antique objects and furnishings, art and design of great value and value.

FineArt represents the contemporary vision of the world to which it refers: antiques of the highest level and modern design objects become the protagonists of the same showcase, challenging the rules of a market historically divided into monolithic sectors.

FineArt by Di Mano in Mano aims to become the point of reference for admirers, interior designers, stylists, architects and all those who choose the combination of furnishings and accessories in stark contrast, yet happily in dialogue with each other.

Il team, composto da esperti e studiosi della storia del mobile e dell’arte, sia interni alla società che esterni, scelti tra i più competenti e riconosciuti a livello internazionale consentono a FineArt by Di Mano in Mano di offrire servizi accurati quali stime valutative complete di schede di accompagnamento accurate e pertinenti, perizie, inventari valutativi, restauro. A cui si aggiungono i servizi di noleggio e di spedizioni specializzate.

FineArt boasts a solid command of the online market gained by Di Mano in Mano. Over the years, a corollary of dedicated sites, online platforms and digital marketing tools have gained the loyalty of a very large clientele, both national and international, particularly interested in the world of design, art and excellent antiques.

Finally, in addition to being a new stimulating project, FineArt by Di Mano in Mano represents a further sign of growth of the multifaceted Di Mano in Mano. And it is the demonstration of how an ambitious project dedicated to art and beauty can take shape in a Work Cooperative that has values such as solidarity, respect for people and the environment in its identity code.

When in 1999, a group of young people from a family community in Milan founded Di Mano in Mano, none of them could have imagined that the Work Cooperative, dedicated to evictions, could become an essential point of reference in Milan and beyond, for antiques, design and modern art. The winning choice was professional training, which allowed many partners to specialize in different sectors and historical periods, some of them becoming accredited experts. And then the trust in young people, to whom the Cooperative dedicates time and investments for their training, aiming at professional and personal growth as a resource. And last but not least, the opening towards fragile people who in Di Mano in Mano live, even if only for a few months, an alternative life through work.

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