Table in semiprecious stone, Amic Hotton (attributed to), 19th century

Amic Hotton (attributed to),
XIX Century


Octagonal top in marble commesso, with floral decoration and polychrome checkerboard, resting on a four-part base in carved wood with zoomorphic elements and feral feet equipped with wheels.
Present stamp โ€œA. HOTTON “
It has slight traces of wear and small lacks, some restorations.

Dimensions: h 74 cm. Diametro 66 cm


Historical-stylistic analysis:

The octagonal top in polychrome committed marbles belongs to the Indian production made for export to the West, linked to the English company of the East Indies; the carved wooden base, on the other hand, is of English production, attributed to Amic Hotton, as suggested by the stamp placed under the top.
The very calligraphic decoration made with colored exotic marbles and semi-precious stones are typical of the taste of this area of origin.


– Ferdinando Rossi, La pittura di pietra, Firenze, 1967.

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