Regency porcelain inkwell, England, c. 1820

England, Regency, c. 1820


Porcelain inkwell, with a shaped body entirely enamelled with chinoiserie-style motifs: on a background decorated with blue motifs there are large red flowers, on the sides two reserves within which there is a floral composition; the inkwell rests on three feet painted with monstrous faces, also reproduced in the two side handles. In the upper part there are the two ink containers equipped with lids in gilded bronze worked with leaf motifs and pinecone-shaped grip; the large grip is also entirely in gilt bronze and worked with Regency-style motifs.

Dimensions: 17 x 25,5 x 17 cm ( 6,7 x 10 x 6,7 in )


Historical-critical analysis:

The appreciation for the exotic East had its roots already in the previous century when, with the intensification of trade, numerous artifacts were imported into Europe. Appreciated both for their aesthetics and for the production techniques with a millenary tradition, the great demand on the market for oriental-style products grew so much that European manufactures began to emerge and establish themselves, reproducing their style and production techniques, readapted to the needs of the new market. Of course, England ranks among the leading countries in this new production, together with France, both of which are highly avant-garde in this sector.

This is the case of our inkwell, a commonly used object whose porcelain body clearly echoes Chinese glazed porcelain, but on this occasion already belonging to a European production. It is also an expression of the Regency taste: the gilded bronzes are worked with the leaf motifs so widespread in this era.

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