Porcelain tablet Queen Louise of Prussia, Berlin, last quarter of the 19th century

Last quarter of the 19th century


Painted porcelain tile, on which Louise of Prussia is depicted. The queen is dressed in a white dress edged with gold, in an Empire style, while on one of her shoulders she wears a blue cloak lined with ermine; her blond hair is gathered and held in place thanks to a golden diadem. Luisa is coming down the steps of a classical building: the base and the lower part of a tapered column can be glimpsed, just as the herms in the background look to the ancient world, while in the background she sees a wooded landscape.
The porcelain is branded on the back with the royal scepter accompanied by the initials “KPM”, also imprinted with “255-195”, “h” and monogram. The painting is signed Wagner.
Presented in a coeval frame richly carved in scrolls and entirely gilded.

Dimensions: 49 x 40 x 9 cm


Historical-stylistic analysis:

The royal scepter accompanied by the initials KPM clearly identifies our painted porcelain tablet as a work of the renowned Berlin porcelain factory (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin), active since the 1860s, when Frederick II took it over from Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky. The royal scepter was in fact adopted immediately, first painted in cobalt blue and, starting from 1837, imprinted together with the initials KPM.

The royal manufacture offered a large catalog, which included painted porcelain like ours. In fact, similar examples are known, depicting Louise of Prussia, queen consort of Frederick William III, a very popular female figure even in the decades following her death. The reference model is the painting by Gustav Richter (1823-1884), kept at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne. The original painting was made in 1879, a date that serves as a post quem term for the successful production that ensued, as in our case.

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