Phippard Japanned Longcase watch Tower clock

George II period (1730-1760)


An interesting Phippard tower clock lacquered with gilt and polychrome chinoiserie on a green lacquer background. The case rests on a large plinth and is centered by a door arched at the top and surrounded by a rich molding; inside it is painted a landscape scene with pagodas inserted in a garden where characters meet in domestic scenes enlivened by the flight of beautiful birds; a rich triage enriches the lateral reserves.

The tower clock case containing the mechanism has the main door always arched with its glass with a hat that rises to a pagoda always decorated with landscapes and flowers, on the sides very dense decorations always of a vegetable character.
The eight-day Thomas Phippard-made movement striking the hours on a bell has a solid brass dial with a silver-plated brass ring with Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numerals for the minutes, plus an elaborate engraved brass center with foliage contains the exhibit with the small seconds hand, the blued steel hands are beautifully crafted.

The name of the manufacturer and the place of work are engraved on a silver plate placed above the space in which the lunar dates appear. The brass exhibition, enriched with chiseled bronzes and gilded at the corners, opens in the upper part giving space to a nocturnal cobalt sky, on which a painted vessel flows.

Historical-stylistic analysis

This type of Longcase clock with an oriental taste is typical of the second quarter of the 18th century. The wealth of decoration and the care taken in the architectural construction of the case suggest that the object was for a good client. The watchmaker Thomas Phippard is documented between 1722 and 1768. A sort of advertisement of him is also preserved, extracted from the Salisbury Journal of 21 November 1748.


– Percy Macquuoid et Ralph Edwards, The dictionary of English Forniture, vol 2, ed. Country Life 1924

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