Giovanni Domenico Lombardi, Conversion of a centurion, Years 10-20 of the 18th century

Giovanni Domenico Lombardi, known as Omino (Lucca 1682-1752)
Conversion of a centurion,
10s - 20s of the 18th century


Oil on canvas. The painting depicts the conversion to Christianity of a Roman centurion, represented on the left of the scene, dressed in a lorica and a red cloak trimmed with fur. He makes a gesture of denial towards a richly dressed bearded man, who is offering him a tray with a golden scepter, supported by a pageboy.

Three other male figures attend the episode, their gaze turned towards the centurion: an elderly man with a long beard, a young man and, further away, almost as if emerging from the darkness, a third character.
The GDL monogram is reported at the bottom right.


Historical-stylistic analysis:

The first commissions of a certain importance date back to the mid-second decade of the eighteenth century, with works such as St. Peter who heals the cripple and St. Pius V who establishes the Confraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus, for the church of San Romano, paintings that reveal a clear Guercino influence.

The Emilian influence also translated into the revival of a “Carraccesque” matrix, which brought the art of Lombardi to a phase of true classicist revival. Between the second and third decade of the century there is, above all, the predominant ascendancy of the model of Michelangelo Merisi, the Caravaggio, with his innovations in the luministic rendering of the compositional system.


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