English console, England, mid 19th century

England, mid 19th century


English console resting on a shelf and equipped with two uprights with the features of ebonized monopod griffins; the rear panel consists of three mirror plates. Entirely veneered in amboina briar, it has a bronze frame and top edges covered in brass.

Dimensions: 89 x 183 x 59 cm ( 35 x 72 x 23,2 )

Historical-stylistic analysis:

The console of English origin shows clear references to the furniture made for royal homes, by the first quarter of the nineteenth century. In particular, comparisons are possible with the furniture presented in some tables that illustrate how the ancient home of Carlton House must have been, demolished in 1826, after George IV dismissed it, moving his apartments at Buckingham Palace. In particular, in a panel depicting the Blue Velvet Room (c. 1818), on the left wall and on the back one, you can see gueridons, whose supports are made up of single-legged griffins, in this case entirely gilded. Similar supports, albeit with lion faces, are found in several tables kept at Windsor Castle, made by Morel and Seddon.

The console in question here is a derivation of these popular prototypes, even if the squarer lines, the ebonized griffins and the choice of using mirrors for the back panel denote a slightly later date, which can be placed around the middle of the century.


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