Empire fireplace, Lombardy, first quarter of the 19th century

Lombardy, first quarter of the 19th century


Lombard fireplace in walnut, with ebonized and gilded parts.
In the lower part a base with a broken plinth, with ebonized reserves delimited by strokes carved with successive leaflets and gilded with leaf. In the upper part, a central door with a mercury mirror, with a golden groove stop between two frames with successive leaves, also re-proposed more externally. The door is framed between two tapered and ebonized pilasters, with a capital carved with gilded acanthus leaves, to support the broken entablature and adorned with pods, leaflets and gilded acanthus leaves, alternating with a walnut band and a notched frame.

Dimensions: 150 x 116 x 13,5 cm ( 59 x 45,7 x 5,3 in )

Historical-stylistic analysis:

The mirror is admittedly of Empire taste, with martial lines and the way of articulating the front, with the pilasters supporting the entablature, typical of this current.
Widespread in the first quarter of the nineteenth century, it became the style officially appreciated and adopted by Napoleon Bonaparte, as an expression of rigor, but at the same time a reference to the ancient that was well suited to the imperial idea. For this reason, this type of furniture also established itself in the territories subject, both politically and culturally, to the Napoleonic Empire, such as Lombardy. The door on the front conceals the rear background which could probably have housed a painting or other precious items.

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