Cutlery box, Florence, early 19th century

Travel box

Florence, early 19th century


Travel box in cherry wood veneer with brass feet, handles and escutcheon in embossed and gilded sheet with neoclassical decorations; inside, the box is lined with red parchment, embellished with silver thread trimmings.

The twelve-piece cutlery set consisting of spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, includes the serving cutlery, with a knife with engraved fish, the corkscrew, the golden ladle inside, as well as the four salt cellars. The salt cellars are made like goat-legged tripods in which the trays accompanied by four teaspoons are housed. The silver is GB hallmarked.

Dimensions: 43 x 44 x 23 cm ( 16,9 x 17,3 x 9 in )


Historical-stylistic analysis:

The object described here has all the stylistic characteristics to be placed in the early nineteenth century. The container with the applications of a late neoclassical style that often coincides with the early Empire in Italy, but also the transition of the turned parts from round to hexagonal with a handle reference still from the end of the 18th century. The four tripod-shaped salt cellars seem to give us confirmation of a typical taste of the early 19th century. The state of conservation is unusual, the service is complete and only one teaspoon is replaced over time. But above all, the size is rare: boxes with travel services for six or eight have passed on the market (see the one published on Argenti Antichi Italiani) but they are quite unobtainable and of this size and richness.


โ€“ย Maurizio Agnellini, Argenti Antichi italiani, ed. Giorgio Mondadori & Associati 1991

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