Carved and gilded wooden barometer and thermometer Fiorone fecit, Milan ca. 1790.


Wall thermometer and barometer made of carved and gilded wood. In the shape of a lyre, the case contains the barometer with a round exhibition in the central body and the thermometer above it. The barometer exhibition is enamelled in white with a central sun made of rays painted in gold and mother-of-pearl, in a cartouche the signature ‘Fiorone Fecit’. The thermometer has an exhibition with the signature at the top and indicates the minimum and maximum temperatures in Paris and indications of the temperatures to be kept in various circumstances, e.g. 18 degrees must be the ‘Chamber of the Sick’ to 24 the ‘Baths’.

The entire structure is carved with classical frames, two torches in the centre, flowering branches, ears of wheat and fruit climb the sides in the base and the cyma on which a laurel wreath is placed. Fully gilded in leaf.

Dimensions: Cm. 119 x 47 x 11

Code: OGANOG01788

Antiques, Art and Design

Antiques, Art and Design

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